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Success At Medical Interactions Courses
The NHS is becoming an ever more demanding place to work. Thorough preparation for applications and interviews are challenging tasks. Most often we only get a very short time and space to create a good impression. Our courses will equip you with the clarity of mind and the positivity needed to convert opportunities into successes.

You will find that our approach is that of support, facilitation and encouragement to bring out the best in you during the most crucial events of your professional life. We want you to be very successful and we are happy to play a small but important part in it.

New Bespoke Course: Healthcare Delivery Improvement Course - call to arrange

Clinical Excellence Awards - Apply and Win course dates now available

ST, CT Interview Course dates available.


Your training prepares you to be a senior doctor, our course prepares you to be a Consultant

Success at a Consultant Interview is the most crucial interaction that a doctor has with potential future employers. First impressions, first interactions, mental images, opinions formed at this interaction often decides how the employer and the consultant deal with each other.

A consultant interview at an NHS hospital is much more than about just getting a job. It is about setting a mutual future agenda. This is the best chance to influence the outcome of a whole career.

CLINICAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS COURSE: Personal coaching and help on how to complete the form to help you get the reward you really deserve.

HEALTHCARE DELIVERY IMPROVEMENT COURSE: Empower yourself with the best knowledge and skills on clinical quality improvement. Will change you into a superior performer whether you are a clinician or a manager.