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Clinical Excellence Awards Course
Applying and winning a national or employer based Clinical Excellence Award takes time. We at SAMI recommend that consultants should start preparing at least one year in advance.

CEAs are not achieved by chance, luck or other mysterious methods. In our Clinical Excellence Award course we discuss the three essentials of winning the award. We describe the SAMI process to gain CEAs. We describe the way in which CEAs are actually applied and given in the NHS. We give you the knowledge of what is required and then we work with you on your application.

You deserve your clinical excellence award. A CEA not only rewards your efforts it also motivates you to perform better for the benefit of your patients. You should not lose out on a deserving award; we deal with the common reasons and explain on how to avoid pitfalls. We explore on how the awards are changing and how we should adapt to the future. Interestingly we also point out when and who should not be applying for these awards.

This course is also suitable for senior SAS doctors on the old contract.

Attending the SAMI Consultant Clinical Excellence Award course may well be the wisest high return investment you will ever make. Let us share your success, let us share your joy; after all the reward is exclusively yours.
Course fee : £450.00
Number of places : 1
Venue : Please call us or email samiinterview@gmail.com.
Courses at Trades Club, Doncaster  http://www.doncastertrades.co.uk
Course dates : 21/07/2018, 22/07/2018, 28/07/2018, 29/07/2018, 11/08/2018
Course schedule
1000 to 1020Introduction
1020 to 1040The way the CEA system usually works in the NHS
1040to 1050Comfort break
1050 to 1130The SAMI CEA process
1130 to 12.30Your CEA application - review
1230 to 1330Lunch
1330 to 1430CEA application in practice
1430 to 1445Comfort break
1445 to 1600Your Application - workshop
1600 to 1615Feedback & Close
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